"They say all good music stems from great lyric... or is it all great lyric flows from great melody?" Aadhil Aziz


Spearheading the local music industry for over a decade, with the sole intention of trying to take SRI LANKAN music to the world, Aadhil Aziz is one of the pioneers of the Sri Lankan music industry. He has played and recorded the world over, from Budapest, to New York, and most recently in Singapore.

"I wrote these songs, but I wish to pay respect to the various musicians involved who helped shaped the songs into what they finally sound like. Anil, Shehan, OP, Ajith, Dinesh, RudeBoy from the band "Wreck" (which went on to become Independent Square") and I guess "Black Tou" and "Grunk"!; Csaba, Gergo and Istvan from the band "Slowburn", Swinly, Oshan, Anik, Dilan, Ravi, from the band "The Brass Monkey Band", Aftab, Jim, Uvindu, Sarani from the band "10 Second Rule", and most recently, Romesh, Aftab and Renee, in Singapore, and the other various ultra-talented people I have jammed with over the years, and who taught me so much about music. Azhara (for her tireless support), Dilshan (who introduced The BMB to each other), Deshan for the awesome BMB cover and design. Lyndsay (10 Second Rule Cover shot), Ravin (for converting the "Wreck" and "Black Tou" cassettes to MP3!!) Pablu, Ranil, that Greek and Hungarian band I used to play with... and many more people I am sure I forget right now..."

With over 75 recorded songs, and over a dozen in the pipeline, Aadhil Aziz is a songwriting force to be reckoned with. "I never really thought of myself as singer or a guitarist per se, but primarily a songwriter. To me, each song is like a short story, and I enjoy telling stories. I feel extremely blessed to have the ability to put melody and lyric together and come up with something entirely different every time. It's like cooking with lyric and melody... and it always feels wonderful to finish a project and hear it on the radio or online!"

Aadhil Aziz has been writing lyric since the age of 15, and other than a few forced piano lessons as a child, has taught himself to play drums, bass and guitars in his late teens. "When I picked up the guitar it was the most natural thing in the world. I think I wrote my first song within a week of learning my first 3 chords! I think I have lost track of the number of songs I have written over the years, but it would be a couple of hundred at least. I guess if I had my own studio, I would record even more songs than I already have!".






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